New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys Game Watch Party from Aces, SF- The final 4 minutes- 9-11-16

Superbowl 50 Game Watch Party From Pedro’s Cantina, SF- Broncos vs. Panthers- 2-07-16

Seattle Seahawks SF at Danny Coyle’s- Game Watch Party- Seahawks vs. Panthers- 1-17-16

Washington Redskins Fan Viewing Party from the Red Jack Saloon- Redskins vs. Packers Wildcard Round- 1-10-16

Houston Texans Fan Viewing Party From Cabin, SF- Texans vs. Chiefs Playoff Game- Wildcard Round, 1-09-16

Jets vs. Bills- Fan Viewing Party From The Wreck Room, SF- 1-03-16

Philadelphia Eagles Fan Viewing Party  from The Northstar Café, SF- Eagles vs. Cardinals-12-20-15

New York Giants vs. Carolina Panthers- Fan Viewing Party from Aces, SF (the final 10 minutes)-12-20-15

Dolfans NYC Fan Viewing Party from Slattery’s Midtown Pub- 12-14-15

Washington Redskins Fan Viewing Party From The Red Jack Saloon, SF- Redskins vs. Cowboys- 12-07-15

New York Giants Fan Viewing Party From  Aces, SF- Giants vs. Redskins (for NFC East Supremacy)- 11-29-15

Philadelphia Eagles Fan Viewing Party From Jake’s Steaks, SF- Eagles vs. Buccaneers- 11-22-15

San Frannati- San Francisco Bengals Group fan viewing party at The Bus Stop- Bengals vs. Texans- 11-16-15

San Diego Chargers Fans at Danny Coyle’s, SF- Fan Viewing Party- Chargers vs. Bears- 11-09-15

New York Mets Fan Viewing Party- World Series Game 3- Mets vs. Royals (Mets won!)- From Aces, SF- 10-30-15

New York Jets Fan Viewing Party- Jets vs. Patriots- From The Wreck Room, SF- 10-25-15

New York Giants Fan Viewing Party- Giants vs. Eagles- From Aces, SF- 10-19-15

Indianapolis Colts Fan Viewing Party- Colts vs. Patriots- From the Bus Stop, SF- 10-18-15

New Orleans Saints Fan Viewing Party- Saints vs. Cowboys- From the Black Magic Voodoo Lounge, SF- 10/04/15

New York Giants Fan Viewing Party- From Aces, SF, Giants vs. Bills, 10/04/15

Ravens in the Fog- Baltimore Ravens Fans In The Bay Area Fan Viewing Party, Baltimore vs Pittsburgh, From Thieves Tavern- 10-01-15

Bay Area Bills Backers- Fan Viewing Party from Northstar Cafe- Bills vs. Dolphins- 9-27-15

New York Giants Fan Viewing Party From Aces, SF- Giants vs. Falcons- 9-20-15

New England Patriots Fans in San Francisco Meetup Group- Fan Viewing Party: Season Opener vs. Pittsburgh Steelers-9-10-15-FromThe Connecticut Yankee, SF

|REPLAY| San Francisco New England Patriots Fans- Fan Viewing P…


Rangers Fan Viewing Party From Aces, SF- 5-22-15 (Previous LIVESTREAM)

Warriors Win Game 1. Fan Viewing Party from The Square, SF. (Previous LIVESTREAM)

Warriors Win Game 4. Fan Viewing Party from Tupelo, SF. (Previous LIVESTREAM)

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